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If you have configured your domain to use Sierra.host DNS, then you're all set as these records are automatically set for you when your Sierra.host Hosting account is created. If you are not using our DNS services and have simply pointed a CNAME or A records at one of our servers, you'll need to configure the following records at your DNS host.

MX Records:
@  mx.mail2.name-services.com  10

CNAME Records:
pop.yourdomain.com --> mail2.name-services.com
imap.yourdomain.com --> mail2.name-services.com
smtp.yourdomain.com --> mail2.name-services.com
webmail.yourdomain.com --> mail2.name-services.com

Once these are configured you can head to our "Email Server Settings" guide. It will walk you through configuring common devices and email clients.

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