RunCloud + Vultr Servers

  • Sunday, 4th December, 2022
  • 04:16am


We have made a significant shift and will continue to make more shifts over the coming months to our underlying architecture. You should have received a specific communication from our support team. We have decided to shift our back end server stack entirely to:

  • Open Lightspeed (OLS)
  • Redis
  • Memcached
  • Fail2Ban

This change will be fully managed by our DEVOps partner, RunCloud. We are excited to make this shift as it represents steps forward in speed and security. Additionally we are dedicating hardware toward each customer.

We have partnered with Vultr to provide each of our customers a stand-alone Virtual Private Server. Servers are deployed in the closest geographic region to the customer's base. Additionally this allows for scaling and complete isolation from other customer's. This is a stark improvement over our original multi-tenant design utilizing CloudLinux. We are excited for these changes and are already experiencing dramatic improvement in performance of some of our highest trafficked client websites.

Our current provider partners are as follows:

  • RunCloud - Server Management
  • Vultr - Virtual Private Server Provider
  • ClouDNS - DNS Management, Email Forwarding
  • MailGun - Email Delivery
  • RunCloud - Backups
  • WHMCS - Billing Management
  • ENOM - Domain Name Registration

Previous providers:

  • LiquidWeb - Dedicated Hardware, Server Management
  • BuddyNS - DNS Management
  • Enom - Domains and Email
  • CloudLinux, Imunify360 - Security
  • JetBackups - Backups
  • cPanel/WHM - Client Platform
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